Safety first for every employee, customer and jobsite.

Safety is one of the most important considerations we have as a company. How well we educate and protect our employees from hazards is paramount. Our aim for zero incidents translates into low insurance modification rates for our customers and less project-related risk.

Well Built

Training begins long before new employees reach job sites. That unfaltering commitment carries all the way through to even our most seasoned crews, who attend all new job site safety orientations. To supplement quarterly and weekly training, every employee completes an annual 64-module safety program to promote safe practices in all aspects of their work. The employee team also includes a dedicated safety director who inspects 12 jobsites each week.


No one is above reproach in our safety-minded job sites. Safety is the responsibility of every employee regardless of rank, experience, or years of service. Safety performance resonates in every action and decision. Violations and lapses are serious matters that are addressed swiftly to determine if current safety standards are adequate. And if the scope of a project shifts, safety standards also shift if necessary.